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Originally Posted by garbly View Post
I agree. I do not like the bell cure. Especially as the times are completely unreasonable. Nobody could do these puzzels so fast. You can't even read the clues in 30 seconds much less do the puzzle. Makes me mad
If you're referring to a 3x4 easy puzzle, yes, it is actually possible to read, mark boxes, and complete a puzzle that fast. I only rarely beat the record time, but I can get close enough sometimes knowing that I had to Undo or missed something in a clue which added time. Reading skill and speed, knowledge of logic puzzle clue styles, practice doing them, some familiarity with common categories, and other factors can all combine to create a pretty wide spread of times.

I do agree that an option to not compare personal results to others would be nice. Sometimes I do these on a break at work, and finished or not, I have to stop when my break is over ... which horribly skews my numbers because I'd rather leave it open than lower my completion percentage.
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