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There is some point at which the server knows that you haven't done it correctly, that would be the time of failure; whether the 'connection is closed' or 'new puzzle' option is selected. Just another time to be factored in to the average. If it didn't, it would have to do it at 'new puzzle' or 'connection open' and both of those could be avoided for days, weeks or however long. During that interim, the person would have incorrect stats and could get 100% for a month though failing on the 24th. Which is why I thought the incorrect times could be factored into the average time. Finishing time and then boolean (y/n) for correct is the way I'd have done it.
hahaha, who cares. Aint no big thing either way.

My times are finally getting better and now I only look at the percent solved to see if I'm in for a hard one or not.

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