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Angry The Blackstar Deaths

I have finally admitted defeat on this one and decided to turn to you guys for help. Attached is an image of about how far I get before getting stuck. I've tried plotting out possible routes, tried a couple assumptions, nothing.

Famously gruesome science fiction series, 'Blackstar Lazarus', has killed off four of its main cast members in as many episodes, in a variety of extremely violent ways. From the clues, can you determine each character's name, the episode title they died in, its position in the series and the type of demise each suffered?

1) Troy Tsunami was killed later than whoever fatally contracted an alien parasite.

2) Fan favourite Susan Vladikova met her maker in "Operation Fatal Justice". This was not episode two.

3) It was in "A Traitor is Found" that faulty execution equipment killed a number of witnesses in addition to the traitor it was supposed to; Queen Tamia, however, was one of the few to survive that particular plot twist.

4) The famous "hull breach" sequence took place earlier in the season than episode three.

5) "Brainscan Overload" was the award-winning third episode.

Names: Troy Tsunami, Susan Vladikova, Captain Mendes, Queen Tamia
Demise: A hull breach, an alien parasite, faulty execution equipment, a badly-wired pleasure droid
Episode: 1,2,3,4
Episode Title: A Traitor is Found, Tyranny on Tarsus, Operation Fatal Justice, Brainscan Overload
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