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So far I have Harrar coffee = Tuesday. Sidamo coffee Wednesday. Papertape = Monday.

Harrar coffee = Tuesday. Sidamo coffee= Wednesday because Masking tape is Wed or Harrar coffee, clue 3 or Tues Sidamo coffee.
Masking tape cannot be Tues and Wed
Masking tape cannot be Sidamo and Harrar
So Masking tape must either be Tuesday and Harrar or Wednesday and Sidamo.
Sidamo not Tuesday clue 5. so must be wed.
We also have Erika either Tues or Wed Clue 5
5. Of the person who arrived on Tuesday and the person who brewed the Sidamo coffee, one is Erika and the other bought masking tape.

So Masking tape is Tues or Wed

Zoey is Tues or Wed clue 3 Of the person who brewed the Harrar coffee and the person who arrived on Wednesday, one is Zoey and the other bought masking tape

So we have Zoey and Erika Tues or wed. But Mateo is Tuesday or Wednesday, because he is one day before The person Duct taped and they are one day before Scotch tape. Scotch tape has to be either Thurs or frid. and Mateo has to be tuesday or Wednesday. Mateo cannot be Monday as that would mean Scotch tape would have to be Wednesday and clue 88. Of the person who arrived on Wednesday and the person who bought scotch tape, one brewed the Yirgacheffe coffee and the other is Elliott.
Therein lies my problem

It's either a very hard puzzle or it's wrong.

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