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When I first started I was really good at doing the puzzles, but not so good at being fast. I think the fastest (1) don't fill in all the X's - I'm training myself to not do that (2) do certain types of clues first to get the maximum info on the board fast (3) have great memories - there are lots of times I go through the clues a second time and realize that I already knew that info (4) and do so many of them they just react. As I've done more of them, I get faster. I do the simple ones (with high completion rates and low averages times) faster than average, but it still takes me longer, though less than average, on the more complicated ones. I don't hunt for specific puzzles though. I do whatever comes up. If I only did the ones I was fastest at, my average time would go down. If I only did the hardest ones, my average points would go up. Since that would get boring, I aimed to stay at a 100% completion rate. A snow storm killed that stat the other day, so now I just enjoy the puzzles, which is where I was when I found the site originally. Not that it wouldn't be cool to get a medal someday, but I normally have too much to do in real life to be much of a competitor at my current speeds.
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