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TY I found my pixel third place. TY passel and I ruined a mouse with the old site. Now I'm on a laptop with smaller screen and not sure if doing a ton is even possible for me cause hard to read tiny type.
OH, don't worry about competing with the top 10. I'm pretty sure half are robots and the other half are aliens. My whole thing is just to be able to play one full month cause after that it feels like less thinking and more just reacting accompanied by eye strain.
one of the best sites I've ever played though it wasn't a game in the conventional sense was some bizarre math/programming site. You'd have to solve a question to enable the next question. Mostly they were all questions that required an algorithm type approach to solving it. Like what is the 45994th prime number? Hrm, maybe i'll. try to find that site again cause I'm feeling mathatrophy big time right now .. well, just one more before searching.
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