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Originally Posted by bowl231 View Post
In the monthly competitions, unless you dedicate every second of the day for the
whole month, you may not even make a list never mind the top 20. I would like
to see ALL of us, not just the top 50-100 on the list. Then at least it acknowledges
you. I would also like to be able to see a couple of months back just to be able to
I'm with you on this one. On the Wordtwist site, once you play 50 games a month, you are eligible for the average word and average score competitions. I'd like to see something like that done here. I was really getting my times down here and was looking forward to seeing how much better I could rank each month, but then the number of people playing a large number of games increased, and I couldn't even qualify. So, it has been a month since I have played. I say leave the high score competition to those who are willing to play the volume of games needed. For the success rate and fastest solver, put a reasonable limit on the minimum number of games needed.
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