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I congratulate you on your success and improvement. I understand where you
are coming from. I have backed off playing also. I love the great game and really
appreciate the work and dedication of the Admin.

But am tired of seeing and trying to compete against the false super low scores
for most games. wow 1 minute 25 seconds no way I or most of us will beat that

This Puzzle's Statistics
Success Rate: 62.9%
Average Time: 316.8 seconds
Record Time: 85 seconds (POSSIBLECHEATER)
Your Time: 234 seconds

I want to see how many people are making up the AVERAGE time and success rate. I want to see how many points the "winner" gets to compare with what I get.

In the monthly competitions, unless you dedicate every second of the day for the
whole month, you may not even make a list never mind the top 20. I would like
to see ALL of us, not just the top 50-100 on the list. Then at least it acknowledges
you. I would also like to be able to see a couple of months back just to be able to

The monthly Success rate List should NOT contain someone 58% no matter what when there are those of us with 100% missing. It is insulting.

As for the Hall of Fame, I have been a member since August 2008, those of us who started back then can not have a 100% success rate because we could
not come back to a game.

I will continue to return and play cause I do love the game itself
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