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Default Thank you so much for the TUTORIAL and my comments

Thank you so much for posting this, I will be reviewing and reviewing and reviewing this. I know I will finally figure it out after going over it many times just like my first day here when I referred back to your tutorial many many times. My only comment on the neg side is I wish you had narrated it like you did your first tutorial! Reading and watching is a whole other step, listening and watching was far easier, and plus, the voice was perfect pitch for instruction.

For those of you reading this that are a whiz at these problems, I apologize for my weakness, I have always loved logic puzzles, but until I found this url, I had bought many many books and could rarely solve one puzzle, and with that, I had to go to the answer page. My cousin took logic classes in college and he was able to whiz thru them easily, I was always impressed by that!
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