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Default Clayton - Madison

This one is tougher than most because you have to combine a couple clues to get an X.

By using clues 1, 5, 8 and 11 you will find that Saniya = Monday

Clue 11: Quinton cannot be Monday because he arrived after Madison
Clue 8: Clayton cannot be Monday because he has to be either Tuesday or Friday.
Clue 1: Madison cannot be Monday because she is either Wednesday, or she is Sudokus which cannot be Monday (clue 6).
Clue 5: Perla cannot be Monday

Then using clues 2, 3 10, and 12 you will find that Ultra = Friday.

Clues 2, 3, and 10: Bold, Clorox, and Tide cannot be Friday
Clue 12: Biz cannot be Friday because Biz is either Wednesday (clue 12) or drop quotes, and drop quotes cannot be Friday (clue 7).

Once you have those two positives in there, then you quickly see that Clayton = Friday, Perla = Tuesday = logic puzzles = Bold.

You might not need it, but with just the initial clues, you can also see that combining clues 6 and 8, Clayton cannot be crosswords, and combining clues 7 and 8, Clayton cannot be drop quotes.

Clues 6 and 11 are quite restrictive, so keep checking these two as you make progress.
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