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I agree that it would be really cool to see how many records you have. I'm assuming that my number of records is constantly decreasing, as people continue to beat my best times.

It would also be cool if the system somehow acknowledged when you "lock" the record. Each puzzle size has a limit for how fast it will accept a time (30s for 3x4, 50s for 4x4, 70s for 5x4, etc.), and if you get something below that time, it will just say your time is the minimum (30s, for example). The first person to get the minimum has "locked" that record, because the best that anyone else can get would be a tie.

So, I would think it would be cool to see something like "you have the record on 70 puzzles. Of those, 58 are at risk, 12 are locked".


As far as showing median times and mode times, I think the median at least would be useful. Actually, that's a huge understatement. The "average" time is completely useless, and should be abolished, and only the median time should be shown.

The average time is useless because if I am solving a puzzle, and messed up early, and I hit the "eliminate errors" button, it may find and remove 12 errors, penalizing me 120 seconds for each error. If most of my times are under 60 seconds, then I have to decide whether to finish solving this puzzle and submit it, ruining my average, or if I should never finish it, ruining my completion percentage. I shouldn't have to make that choice.

Honestly, if you are going to show an average, it should be an average for puzzles that were submitted without penalties. That would actually be useful.
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