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I don't think square grids with an even number of columns and rows can meet the three constraints. Try constructing a grid with two characters and two colors.

I got rid of the witch character and the pale pink color to reduce the 12x12 grid to 11x11.

In order to meet the constraints, it is easier if the colors and characters all have a rigid relationship to each other. I constructed a very patterned grid of colors and characters first.


Hopefully, this patterned start meets the constraints, but don't bet a lot on it. My eyes are crossing, so it might be messed up.

If I can assume that the starting point is valid, then since I can shuffle entire rows and columns without invalidating the grid, I aligned the aqua cells with your starting point.

Then I added the labels for the rows which seemed to have some magic relationship to the aqua cells.


Can you find duplicated colors or characters in any row or column? Can you find any character that has a duplicated color assignment?

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