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Exclamation don't sweat it

Hi! i'm new here:
This site advertises 3 competitions: high score, success rate & fastest solver; but the only rewards are points & your name on some lists. i don't even see anything that says you can redeem those points. So, like you PC user, i wouldn't worry about seeing my time on the fastest solver list; just enjoy playing the game; not for the competition.
As far as the same puzzle coming up frequently: that happened to me before i registered, & i haven't been a member very long so as a member it hasn't happened to me; & i haven't racked up enough time to get very fast solve rates. What with the dancing my mouse does, & the fact that the change from "solve the puzzle" to the puzzle itself is pretty slow (@ least on my machine), & the clock starts as soon as you click on the legend, i don't know how i'm going to register a fast solve: i only take 2 - 3 times the averages; rarely is it anywhere near the average, much less the top 10, much less the records.
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