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I dunno, wasn't that hard?

Just figured out the basics first, you know, "Mabel isn't Rockford" and "Onawa isn't $15.7"
Then marked off the before/afters.
Then, for example no.4 "Of the hurricane that hit in 1948 and the storm that caused $18.5 million in damage, one hit land at Granger and the other was Hurricane Kristy." I went "If 1948 was Granger, it wouldn't be Kristy (and whichever other hurricanes Granger was not)." and "If 1948 was Kristy, it wouldn't be Granger (and whichever other places Kristy was not)."
Repeat over and over, forwards/backwards ("If Kristy was 1948, it wouldn't be $18.5 etc."), adjusting the before/after times as necessary.
And then done?
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