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Default Joe The Weightlifter

Joe is facing a problem and has come to you for consultation on how to solve this problem.
He has to cross a bridge but the catch is he has his chicken, his wolf(weird pet to have). Above that, he also 4 weights which weigh 10 kg , 20 kg, 40 kg , 80 kg. He wants to get his weights as well as the pets across the bridge but the problem is he can never leave his chicken with wolf alone because it will get eaten. Also both him and his pets can carry any one weight at a time and at max Joe and one of his pets can only cross the bridge at one time but a pet can never cross alone and Joe must always carry a weight he crosses the bridge. There is a slightly further catch, he is in a rush and wants to get across the bridge asap but each weight he caries will slow his walking down. The 10 kg will take 1 min, 20 kg will take 2 min, 40 kg will take 4 min, and 80 kg will takes 8 mins. As they cross the bridge they will have to move as slow as their heaviest weight. So, How will they cross the bridge and what is the shortest time they will be able to do so?

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