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Default Bugs in the scoring system

Not sure what's been happening over the last few days but it is certainly playing havoc with my scores!

In October I had 100% solve rate for puzzles and was hoping to place in the top 5 in the monthly success rate championship. However when the results were posted for the month my score had fallen below 100%

The only explanation I could come up with was that, as I had been playing before and after midnight on 31st October, I must have been mid-game when the cut-off point happened?

However it has happened again twice.

I signed off on 5th November with 100% accuracy but when I started playing again on the 6th I noticed my score had reduced by 1 puzzle. I searched uncompleted puzzles and discovered a puzzle that I am confident I had never even started, showing in the list. I completed the puzzle and duly clocked up a time in excess of 35,000 seconds. This corrected my pass rate but totally messed up my speed times.

Then yesterday I had again fallen below 100% despite having completed every puzzle successfully. I searched for an uncompleted game in the recent games list however none were showing as uncompleted in the previous 24 hours. I cannot therefore rectify the situation.

It is very frustrating!! - Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?
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