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If you want to rot your brain, here is everything we know from PART THREE:

1) Vestor is 714,000 or PLC120
2) Vestor is PLC120 or 47-light-years
3) 650,000 is PLC120 or 47-light-years
4) PLC120 is Vestor or 650,000
5) 47-light-years is Vestor or 650,000
6) 714,000 is not PLC120
7) Vestor is not 650,000
8) PLC120 is not 47-light-years

Here are the areas for further study:

1 + 4: Vestor is 714,000 or Vestor or 650,000
(What do I do with that second Vestor? Can I eliminate it and get "Vestor is 714,000, or 650,000"? If so, from #7, above, we know we can eliminate 650,000 from the potential values and get "Vestor is 714,000". Which it is, but is the approach correct? The counter example would be that Vestor is not 714,000, and eliminating the second "Vestor" is a big mistake.)

2 + 4: Vestor is Vestor or 650,000 or 47-light-years
(From #7, above, I know that Vestor cannot be 650,000. So "Vestor is Vestor or 47-light-years". If I drop the second "Vestor" I get something that is actually the answer to the puzzle.)

3 + 4: 650,000 is Vestor or 650,000 or 47-light-years
(Since 3 and 4 come from the same clue, we can see why incest is banned in most countries. Don't do this.)

5 + 1: 47-light-years is 714,000 or PLC120 or 650,000
(Gets me nowhere.)
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