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This is a great one, and unless I'm not seeing this right, it really does require something not seen directly in the video of advanced techniques.

But first, let's use the technique shown in the video to show that 1997 cannot be $120. Then we can get to the really interesting part.

You are missing 9 Xs that you could get from the video.

The left side of clue 8 can never be $120 or $124, so that means 105 and 1997 can never be those values either. Now we have the part that really matters, but continue looking at each side of clues 8 and 9 to deduce what the other side can never be and fill in the Xs. I got 9.

Clue 8 gives us that SecureAlert cannot be 100 or 1994 and $124 cannot be 105 in addition to the ones mentioned above.

Clue 9 (after the Xs from above are in place) gives us that Armor-Stop cannot be 105, Rip-Tide cannot be $124, and 2000 cannot be 115 or $124.

So now that we know that 1997 cannot be $120 the fun begins. At first it looks like we're stuck again.

Look at 1997 and $120. They are both in rows 3 and 4. Can they be in the same row? Nope. 1997 cannot be $120. They have to be in different rows.

Clue 5 says that 2007 is one row below $120. If $120 is in row 3, then 2007 is in row 4, but since $120 and 1997 cannot be in the same row, 1997 must be in row 4. Oops! Can't have 1997 and 2007 in the same row.

So $120 must be in the fourth row, 2007 in the fifth row, and 1997 in the third row.

I think the solution is:

100 - Viking - 1994 - $160
105 - Rip Tide - 2000 - $145
110 - Securalert - 1997 - $140
115 - Armor-Stop - 2009 - $120
120 - Eco Alert - 2007 - $124

Check it out and see if you come up with the same solution.

If you do, then we can consider if this is one of those puzzles that required a "what if?" and if there is another path to the solution that doesn't require one.
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