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Princess_Bear 04-27-2013 01:50 AM

Can't solve this one... help?
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I'm totally stuck on this puzzle. This is what I've gotten so far. Can someone walk me through it?

Thanks in advance. :)

Princess_Bear 04-27-2013 01:54 AM

Whoops. I just noticed that Rip Tide can't be 1994 either. So, assume I know that too. Also that 1994 can't be $120, and 2007 has to either be 115 or 120. Viking 5 can't be 1997. Riptide has to be either 105 or 110. 105 is not 1997.

Princess_Bear 04-27-2013 02:23 AM

I solved it, but I took a guess, and I know we're not supposed to have to do that. Can someone walk me through the logic? Thanks!

BillsBayou 04-27-2013 01:10 PM

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I can't solve it either, but I did move it along. I've been up since 2:30am and I'm getting punchy, so maybe someone else can see it.

I've got an updated screenshot based on your original. All of my additions are purple Xs:
Attachment 40

I went through the clues and found a mistake on your part. This puzzle has 120 decibels and $120. You confused the two on clue 6. 120 decibels is not the Viking 5. You put down that $120 is not the Viking 5. I make that mistake too, sometimes. I marked that square with a blue box.

1) Clue 3: Comparisons between the two means that you can also exclude their intersecting value (I almost ALWAYS forget that extra step)

Rip Tide/1994 is false

2) Clue 6: "Neither" will give you three exclusions:

120 dB/1997 is false
120 dB/Viking 5 is false

3) Clue 7: Here's a great one. Combine it with clues 3 and 5 to get the following relationship:
2007 louder (by 5) than $120 louder than Rip Tide louder than 1994
This means that 2007 is louder than three other units
$120 is louder than two units, but quieter than one
Rip Tide is louder than one unit, but quieter than two
1994 is quieter than 3 units

105 dB/2007 is false
110 dB/2007 is false
115 dB/Rip Tide is false

Further, the four values cannot be each other!

Rip Tide/2007 is false
1994/$120 is false

4) Clue 8: Advanced logic here. "Of" statements have a left side and a right side. If both values on the left can eliminate a common value, then nothing on the right side can have that value. That goes both ways; right side common values affect the left side.

From the left side (Securalert and $145), Securalert is not $120 or $124, and neither is $145 by default, thus nothing on the right side of the clue can be $120 or $124.

105 dB/$124 is false
1997/$120 is false
1997/$124 is false

From the right side (105 and 1997), 105 is not 1994 or 2007, thus

1994/$145 is false
2007/$145 is false
Securalert/1994 is false
Securalert/2007 is false

100 dB/$145 is false by association that 100 is 1994, thus if 1994 is not $145, then neither is 100 decibels

5) Clue 9: Same technique as in clue 8

Armor-Stop is not 2000
2000/$124 is false
2000/115 dB is false

2007 is not Rip Tide or Securalert
Rip Tide/$124 is false
Securalert/115 dB is false

$124 is not Rip Tide or Securalert
105 dB/Armor-Stop

6) Finally, from just looking around the board, we want to line up all associations with the green dots.

Since 1994 is not Securalert:
100 dB/Securalert is false

BillsBayou 04-30-2013 09:39 PM

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Wow. Don't do these when you're short on sleep.

I decided to take another look at this puzzle and noticed that this is the EXACT SAME PUZZLE I asked about earlier. Then, I notice that I missed a key square. It was one of the same squares I missed before. I need more sleep when doing these.

Clue 8 is the key. Look at the right side. 105 dB and 1997 have something in common, neither can be 120dB. Thus, nothing on the left side can be 120dB. Securalert cannot be 120dB and $145 cannot be 120dB.

This is marked with the purple squares in my attachment below. Once that is done, there is another advanced technique that involves the yellow squares. But for that, you'll need to go to my earlier thread and see the Admin's response HERE.

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