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Ella 03-05-2011 11:35 PM

Can Clues come up first?
When I started here a few years ago, my "clue" list always was the first thing to come up. Now, in addition to taking a LONG time to load from hitting "start" (on a fast computer/connection) at times, and needed to reload sometimes to see the puzzle, I hate to need to click 'clues" before I can see them. I don't need to see an answer list, just the clues immediately. Is it like this for all? If so, why the change? Not a huge deal, since I'm pretty much average & inconsistent at returning faithfully for a month, but I hate the extra seconds I count down as it loads, I click to clues, then more as I click the "submit" and that loads. Seems like the site must be busy busy, b/c it's really slowed down (also, I'm not seeing ads except for the puzzle book, which doesn't take long to load at all, so I don't think that's it.) My main thing is getting "Clues" on the top, immediately -- possible?

pcuser 03-07-2011 03:08 AM

Get a clue
I agree. There could be a setting that could choose if one wanted the choice at the beginning of a game. If not, then the clues would pop up immediately. Any other ideas?

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