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charlieabranches 06-09-2018 04:02 PM

Pattern Recognition Puzzle
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This is the puzzle solution, but i can't understand the standard, in this case you need associate the numbers with turn on or turn of the lamp. If anyone can solve this please tell me how step by step.

Unattributed 06-09-2018 06:59 PM

This is a variation of a nanogram:
  • The circled numbers mean that there are gaps between lit lamps. The numbers that aren't circled mean those lit lamps are beside each other.
  • The obvious start is the 5. You light all the lamps in that row.
  • Next you might notice the 1 at the top. Since there's already a lit lamp in that column, you know that all the other lamps in that column are unlit.
  • Looking at the column with the 4, we know that the middle three lamps must be lit. Either the top or bottom lamp is lit.
  • Now look at the third and fourth rows. Since both of them have lit lamps in the second column, we know that neither the first nor third lamps in those rows are lit. Also, the third row's fourth column isn't lit. Therefore, the fifth column of the third row is lit.
  • The fifth column's first or fourth row must be lit, but not the fifth.
  • The fifth row has two lit lamps. We know the third and fifth columns aren't lit, and the first and second columns can't both be lit. Therefore, the fourth row must be lit.
  • Going back to the third row, the fifth row must be lit.
  • Looking at the top row, the second column must be lit.
  • The first column of the bottom row must be lit.


6530b 10-05-2018 06:31 PM

If anyone enjoys puzzles like this, picross (and specifically coloured picross) is a good fit!

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