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geecee 09-09-2017 03:55 PM

Works of Art
Over the years one of the most intriguing art exhibitions has been the Dofrington County Art Exhibition. It is held in one of the five different galleries each year and houses some of the most expensive works of the time. Five of the most expensive, all by different artists, have been valued at over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

The paintings were Bewitched Sister, Contemplating Summer, Creature of Pride, Thundering Reality, and Veiled Beggar.

The artists were Ali Everett, Ashley Crane, Blair Sky, Cory Wood, and Haiden Sterling.

The galleries were Hall of Inspiration, Hope Institute, Inspiration Gallery, Institution of Inspiration, and Sightings Hall.

The towns were Clearcliff, Esterhall, Silverbush, Stronghaven, and Swynston.

The values were $254,970.00, $262,432.00, $265,856.00, $316,837.00, and $319,765.00.

The paintings, artists, galleries, towns, and values do not necessarily relate to each other in the order listed.

From this information and the following clues can you determine, for each painting, the artist, the gallery where it was housed, the town where the exhibition was held, and the value.

1) The most expensive painting was by Cory Wood at the exhibition held in Esterhall.
2) A difference of just over $3,000 was the value between that of the Blair Sky entry and that of Bewitched Sister.
3) Contemplating Summer was exhibited in Swynston.
4) The Institution of Inspiration gallery is in Silverbush and housed Thundering Reality.
5) Haiden Sterling’s entry, valued at $254,970.00, was exhibited in the Hope Institute gallery.
6) Ashley Crane’s Creature of Pride was exhibited in Clearcliff, but not in the Inspiration Gallery.

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