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problemsolvingpathway 04-23-2015 06:30 PM

Check out these puzzle samples
Link to free ebook: http://www.problemsolvingpathway.com...lemSolving.pdf
These samples teach problem solving using simple puzzles and games.

A self-learning guide, teaching problem solving.
This book uses puzzles and games, as tools to learn fundamental skills and concepts.

The problem solving angle:
Each puzzle/game is considered a problem to be solved.
Problem solving phases – Identification of the problem, Ignoring redundant and irrelevant information, Analysis, Getting wrong or sub-optimal solutions, Zeroing in on the optimal solution (deciding), Result versus solution, Implementing the solution, Reviewing your solution (seeking user and stakeholder feedback), Re-implementing a better solution (process improvement).

Send feedback, suggestions, communication regarding usefulness, practicality, ease of comprehension... of the content. Email to 'info@problemsolvingpathway.com' .

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