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Default Improbable Scores

I was looking at the monthly score list and discovered that you can get more detail behind each player's scores by clicking on their names (which takes you to their "trophy rooms"). I did this for "pcuser" because his/her high point average indicated playing a lot of 4X7 challenging puzzles and this proved to be true in the details--the great majority of the games were 4x7's. I am amazed how someone can average 212 seconds (a little over 3 minutes per game) on these puzzles! However, under the 4x7 category in the details, the average time was 539 seconds (and even 785 seconds for the much fewer 4x6's). Since the great majority of the games have been played in February and March, in which "pcuser's" average times were 228 and 212 seconds respectively, that would mean that previous games would have had to average almost 1000 seconds to reach the 539 average for all the games. This seems impossible to me. This anomaly also applied to "txvballgirl," who had February and March averages of 456 and 331 respectively, yet a year to date average of 610--indicating an average of 1500 seconds in games played previously.

I am thinking there must be some rational explanation for this, and the mathematician in me must know what it is! Thanks.
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Wink Time

I started with the beta version. My times were not important as it wasn't supposed to be for competition. I had some very long games as I would work offline and come back to other games I had left unfinished. I was exploring and testing new methods for solving these puzzles. Then, out of the blue, everything was counted as we transitioned to competition in the middle of the month and all those times were counted. However, for a while now, my times haven't reflected my actual times. They were far lower than the time it actually took to solve. I still haven't gotten a solution to this problem. I have curtailed playing as much since it gets frustrating and boring without correct statistics. I am motivated by challenges. When the stats don't reflect reality, the "challenge" isn't there anymore... Hope this answers some of your questions.
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Default Thanks

Thank you, pcuser, for explaining that. I hope you keep playing, regardless of the stats, because it's clear that you are really good at this--an inspiration for people like me who have a lot of room for improvement.
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