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Has anybody else been cheated out of points "big time"? Spending time and effort doing 4 x 7 puzzles with a time not much over the median time or the record time, with no penalties, and being given a measly 39 points, like the default minimum for solving? This is soul-destroying when one puts in the time and achieves an average time, to be cheated this way. Lets hope PB is working on it as I no longer have the trust to waste my time on the big stuff to get cheated this way.
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I know how you feel, although in the opposite direction. I was getting very low times when it took me much longer than the posted time. Suddenly, a couple of days ago, the times went up. However, it still isn't accurate. It's often much lower than my actual times. I realize some people would like that, however, I don't like "false results". I also had a number of accurate (I think) record times that appear to have disappeared. I would imagine this will get sorted out as all the other glitches have been. We just need to be patient and trust that they are working hard to fix glitches.
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Originally Posted by admin View Post
Yes, this will be announced when it happens - right now it looks like mid-to-late March at the earliest, we'll have enough stats on all of our new puzzles that we can finally implement the new scoring system, which will (among other things) take difficulty into account when scoring.
Is there any update on this?

I'm still getting the same amount of points for an easy puzzle as I get for a difficult one.
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Default Bonus points as a means to this end?

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