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Default I want to find a game to play with my kid!!

I have a 4 year old daughter and I want to find some game that we can play together. I'd like a simple game with beautiful graphic. Any recommendation?
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I think this game is suitable for you.
Here’s short description of the game:

“Embark on an exciting and dangerous adventure.
Journey through beautifully crafted environments, put your maneuvering skill to the test as you jump, glide, dodge obstacles to reach the mountain top.
Compete with other players to climb higher on the leaderboard and become the world's ultimate champion!
Rescue other players or steal from them."
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Forgive me, I'm not going to recommend a computer game. Instead I'm going to recommend things that are totally old school.

Fill a tray with objects, let her see the tray. Remove one. Let her guess which one is gone.

Same as above, but after letting her see the tray, drape it with a cloth. Remove an object. Let her again guess which is removed.

Chess, checkers, the Incan corn game, poker, crazy 8's, go fish, the Once Upon a Time game, any of a few dozen strategy games. Pretty graphics are nifty but problem solving skills are better.

Statue, red-light/green light, hide-and-seek, flashlight.

What do you want to teach for? Numbers? Probabilities? Manual dexterity? Physical dexterity? Problem solving? Observation? Creativity? The game you choose determines what your daughter learns.

If you want to go computerized, I HIGHLY recommend the Nancy Drew HER Interactive when you think she's old enough. Four might be a little young, but you CAN play together.
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