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Default Incorrect clues

EDIT: never mind, I just need my coffee. Read something wrong.
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I found a few games with incorrect clues. I even pushed print screen button on one of the games.
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post them then, so that they can get fixed!
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Sorry Guys, I went to the folder where I had put it in and all there is is weird symbols. Not sure whats going on. But I got to get it fixed!!! Puter Gods, where are you????/
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Originally Posted by kath01 View Post
I found a few games with incorrect clues. I even pushed print screen button on one of the games.
Most likely any given puzzle has been solved by quite a few people before you've gotten to it (there has to be some number of persons having solved the puzzle to get the statistics necessary to even start scoring them),
When new puzzles are added, there is a short period of time when you'll get the notification that there hasn't been enough solves yet to score your performance, so you might actually be the first to have tried to solve that puzzle, but that would be a really rare occurrence. If there was an issue, all those other people would have had problems solving the puzzle and have already reported the problem.

I've never seen one documented case of an error in the clues yet, let along finding an error in several puzzles. In all the examples where someone saved and reported "an error", there was a mistake on the part of the solver, not an error in the clues.

Two of the more common errors, that a user may not realize the error and think the clues are wrong are:
1. The Politician and their votes.
2. A Time schedule (e.g. a schedule with 2 hour intervals, or 1/2 hour intervals).

In Case #1, all of the puzzles present the numbers in a group in ascending order, and the alphabetical string in alphabetical order. In the case of most of the numeric items, the terms ahead and before, and lead, etc... are toward the top of the of the grid, 2nd place is ahead of 4th place, 8am is before 9am, etc.
But, when it comes to votes, the person who is ahead is the one with the most votes, which in the grid which is ordered numerically, means the person in first place is toward the bottom of the grid, and last place (fewest votes) is toward the top of the grid.
This reversal of the order of first/last before/after compared to most of the puzzles causes reports of the clues being incorrect because the answer is showing the person who is ahead lower in the grid than the person who is behind (but that is correct).

In Case 2, even if you're observant enough to realize that you should only X off 1 square per 2 hour interval in the one case, and 2 squares for 1 hour interval in the second case, you might be slightly distracted on one of the clues early on (maybe you get all the rest of them right) and check off two squares in the first case, or only 1 square in the second case.
Then later, when you get to the end of all the clues, and things aren't lining up or coming to a close, you find fault with a clue that you thing is incorrect because it doesn't fit, but in reality, you mark something wrong early on, and don't see it.

I've done that myself, and don't like myself for doing it, but if I reach the end of all the clues and go through them more than once and don't see anything that helps resolve the last open squares, I've done enough of these to know that I must have marked something wrong, so wipe it out and start over being more deliberate and careful.

I guess a third thing I do sometimes, which doesn't make me think the clues have an error, but mess up my average time, is rushing quickly through the simple clues and actually misread the simple one that should be marked with a 0, and marking it with an X, and checking it off my list so the clue goes into the "done" area. Now that is a "dumb" mistake.

An aside: If you read a clue and enter some X's or 0's into the puzzle in response to that clue, and you of course think you entered correct entries, you can always hit the "Clear Errors" button without any penalty (other than the time it takes for the page to tell you the "good news" that there are no errors so far).
If I was new at these puzzles then I would be hitting that button after every set of entries pertaining to each clue. If there is no mistake, no real detriment to having checked. If you did make an error, then you know right away and save yourself a tremendous amount of wasted time building on a flawed board. The time penalty for finding that error may be quite a bit less than the time you spend tracking down the error (or wiping the board and starting over) later.

If you wait until you get to the end of all the clues and realized you can't see the end, and do "Clear Errors" at that point, you can have many errors built on top of that first error, and get really major penalties (like cleared 22 errors), and have to redo all the work undone.
So, hitting Clear Errors quite often, even after every change to the board, can save you a lot of time at very little cost if you're reasonably competent, and less cost overall if you're prone to errors.

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