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Default Finding a puzzle.

How can I find a puzzle, I know the number of, please.
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If it's one you've played recently, it should be in your "recent games" list. Unless you completed it, there's a button to return to the game.
Beyond that.. as far as I'm aware there's no way to get to that stuff directly (for some reason..?)
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I would assume for cheating reasons? If you had a way to re-access a puzzle right away you could just copy the correct answer, enter it in ten seconds, break all the high scores and ruin the curve for everyone.

There is no fun in that for most players but there is always someone who comes up with a plan like that, so as long as there is no other mode than competitive, it is probably a good idea that you cannot access puzzles directly.
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Thumbs up Thank you.

I posted a comment about a hint I did not understand. What are the chances, someone answering, and how can I see the answer?
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If you provided a comment on a puzzle upon completing the puzzle, as far as I know, the only way to see that comment again is to get lucky when the server serves up a new puzzle to you. I.e. I don't know of any way to retrieve a specific puzzle from the library to see the comment.

The best way to get clarification about a hint or get help on a puzzle is to take a screen shot of the puzzle, start a forum thread to ask the question, and attach the screen shot image to the forum post. Make sure the screen shot has the puzzle grid, clues, and hint text.

You will probably get an answer within 24 hours.

Hope that helps!
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Default Thank you zenobia43.

I will bear that in mind.
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