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Default Advanced Techniques using "Either-Or" clues

I've expanded upon my analysis of the "Either-Or" type clues. My earlier post is HERE.

From that discussion we see how to substitute a single value with a pair of potential values, do some eliminations, and come up with something very useful. I'll call that one "Either-Or Advanced Technique PART ONE".

Either-Or Advanced Technique PART TWO:

I've since found that substitutions can be made in the OPPOSITE direction. In an Either-Or type of clue, Multiple values can be replaced with a Single value.

Here are the clues that clued me in:
1) The peacock butterfly was either the specimen from Samoa or the butterfly that sold for $105.
2) Of the butterfly that sold for $105 and the specimen from Samoa, one was won by Victor and the other was the swallowtail butterfly.

Both clues use the values "butterfly that sold for $105 or Samoa". Thus we can substitute the given text in one clue with the equivalency from the other clue.

That is to say, either clue can be rewritten as:
The peacock butterfly is either the one won by Victor or the swallowtail butterfly.

Either-Or Advanced Technique PART THREE:

In PART ONE, I eliminated a contradiction after the substitution. In PART THREE, we eliminate potential values after the substitution using a tautology.

Here are the clues:
1) Vestor is either the planet with a diameter of 714,000 mi. or the exoplanet orbiting star PLC 120.
2) Of Vestor and the planet with a diameter of 650,000 mi., one orbits star PLC 120 and the other is 47 light years from earth.

*** WARNING!!! *** WARNING!!! *** WARNING!!! *** WARNING!!! *** WARNING!!! ***
*** WARNING!!! *** WARNING!!! *** WARNING!!! *** WARNING!!! *** WARNING!!! ***

Here is how to combine these clues:

Start with these two facts from the clues:
- Vestor is 714,000 or PLC120
- Vestor is PLC120 or 47-light-years

Replace one "Vestor" with the equivalency from the other clue and you get:
- 714,000 or PLC120 is PLC120 or 47-light-years.

Spell that out as you would see it in a Puzzle Baron clue:
- Of the planet with a diameter of 714,000 miles and the planet that orbits star PLC120, one planet orbits star PLC120, and the other is 47-light-years from Earth.

The tautology is that the planet that orbits star PLC120 is the planet that orbits PLC120. Once eliminated, we have the planet with a diameter of 714,000 miles is 47-light-years from earth. For that, we get a green dot!

I hope I explained these two techniques well enough.

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