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Default Feels hopeless

As soon as I start reading a new premise, the previous bits of information in the other premises are lost instantly. I have to reread every single premise in order to refresh my memory. Sometimes I can see visual patterns that allow me to ignore the premises for a while as I analyze the grid itself.

I've noticed a few problems about my brain.

I had a psychological evaluation a few years ago that included an intelligence test. I had a 30 point difference between my performance and verbal scores. While my verbal score was in the 70th percentile, my working memory hurt it quite significantly. Performance was in the 'superior' range (about 85-90th I think). I recall that my working memory was in one of the lower percentiles, say, 50th or so.

Is my working memory not good enough to excel at these puzzles?

I've intentionally avoided all guides that explain how to solve the <50% puzzles. I feel stupid if I cannot find the solutions myself. I've given up at sudoku after I found myself hitting time barriers for various difficulties. On my iPhone I'd solve the hard/harder/difficult ones and I could never break 4-5 minutes. I notice that I cannot easily exclude irrelevant information since my eyes have a tendency to scan very fast in order to brute-force. I think I try to compensate for my lack of logic-oriented sort of thinking by using a different approach.

I think my brain is the sort that is very adept at solving jigsaw puzzles, not logic puzzles. As a kid, I remember loving to visit beaches because I'd scan the sand for small bits of shells, rocks, and assorted debris. I was very good at pouring out a bucket of Lego and locating the elements I needed without much effort.

Perhaps my issues arise from the puzzles being mainly in words? Maybe I'm cognitively f*cked?

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