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Here's one of the threads I was referring to: I'm not saying you are cheating. You certainly sound credible. So you might well be achieving very fast speeds. I was referring to comments in this and other threads where the administration weighed in on the subject.
As to doing puzzles quickly, there is new research pouring out about how people think. I know personally how an Asperger's brain can see things very differently. I have found ways to rule out squares merely from the patterns in the grid as I'm solving puzzles. So called savants experience the world very differently than most. Scientists are creating ways for non-autistic people to tap into that kind of thinking. I would love to be able to see things from multiple points of views as I believe it is a way of opening ones mind to new ideas and leads to more valid conclusions. I'm also not saying that being a savant is somehow a bad thing. It is merely a different way of seeing the world. I would also bet a lot of money that there are autistic players on this site. It's a pity that autism has a negative connotation to some people, thus causing it to remain in hiding.

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