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Zenobia43, thanks... my brain hurts

Now that you point it out, I see how we can know from clue 8 and the 3 crosses on Escondido that indeed, 12.5 and 1968 can't be Gwen or Joan. One must be Delores and the other must be Nina or Yvette, so G and J are eliminated.

"Follow similar logic to place several more Xs just for clue 8. I think I got around 7 Xs for clue 8 instead of just 2."

Of the hurricane that caused $12.5 million in damage and the storm that hit in 1968, one hit land at Escondido and the other was Hurricane Deloris.

I'm going back to bed. Oh I already did that and it didn't help. If this were a private conversation I'd likely and move on but perhaps there's somebody else who could learn from me asking you to spell it out a bit more? If it's interesting...

Laura you got it, I'd left the puzzle open and just checked your solution, good job.

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