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Default 3 switches, one lightbulb

ok, so here's the problem I mentioned earlier:

There is a room, with no windows and one door. There is no keyhole, and you cannot see under or around the edges of the door. The door is closed.

Inside the room there is an exposed incandescent light bulb. The light bulb is off.

Outside the room is a panel with three on/off switches. Only one switch will operate the light, the other two do nothing.

You must figure out which switch operates the light.

You are not allowed to dismantle anything (yes, someone asked about following the wiring…)

You may flip the switches on and off as many times as you want before you open the door, and there is no time limit.

You can only open the door once. Once you open it, you can no longer touch the switches and you MUST say which switch is the right one. (AKA no trying a switch, opening the door, trying the next switch, etc.) Once the door is open, you can go inside the room

So, how do you tell which switch operates the light?
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