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Exclamation challenge part 4

Hello once again! We are back again and with a great puzzle! But before I do That, lets give ANOTHER round of applause for are first double winner: novacula! He won the second and third puzzle and will have his name up twice in logicians hall!

Today's puzzle is a little gross, but very hard.

Two men, George and Thomas, are about to put their ship in the dock. Thomas realizes that a rock is blocking their way from the dock and decides to check it out. " be careful," says George. " make sure to move it, we don't want to crash into it.". As Thomas is getting ready to go out, he accidentally gets a rip in his pants. George notices the tear and attempts to warn Thomas as he is opening the door. As George rushes towards the door, he is to late and finds his friend killed in a gory fashion. What happened to Thomas?
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