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Exclamation challenge part 3

Hello again, we are back and merry Christmas (or Hanukkah)! I am so sorry for the 4 day delay. This puzzle should be on the 24th, but that was that on Christmas and I was wrapped up in presents, tired from Christmas cards, and exhausted from to much pie.

But also, let's give a congrats to Novacula! The winner of the second puzzle! He (or she) now will be put on the logicians hall!

Today's puzzle is a good one thats reasonable. and I'm not going to give away the answer so easy. So enjoy and REALLY THINK!

A bird watcher looks out a small, glass window and see a very rare bird. As he watches, he is happy. The man then realizes something and few seconds later, is very horrified! A few minutes after that, he is scared out of his mind, screaming for his life. What is going on?

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