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Originally Posted by jacrae View Post
I am just getting completely stuck on the new puzzles. I would have 100% success rates on the old puzzles, but now I just don't know where I'm getting stuck! What am I missing. I did watch the YouTube video for the advanced techniques, and I understand what they are doing, but I just can't figure this out.
Here's an example of one. What am I missing? Image
I get the same Xs and Os on the first pass.

Try checking clues 1 and 3 again.

In particular, look at the intersection of Zachary and Zhale. Since Zachary cannot be Xozix or Kamikei, then neither can Gambia or July. Since Zhale cannot be Clayton or Sonja, then neither can Gambia or July.

After putting those Xs in and filling in the implications/transpositions, re-check clues 1 and 3 again to see if you can get some more Xs.

When I did that, pretty soon Jamaica was solved, and the rest was routine.

Checking the intersections of the clues of the type this puzzle has in clues 1 and 3 will usually lead to more Xs if you need them.

Remember that clues of the form "A was either B or C" can be treated the same way if you get in a jam. Check the intersection of B and C to see if anything can be excluded from A. If B and C are in different categories, you can usually get another X.

Good luck!

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