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Originally Posted by Rustysocket View Post
I am brand new to logic puzzles. I used to enjoy them many year ago in a games magazine and was happy to find this website.

I am either really slow, or am missing something on how to solve these problems. I can only solve about 1 out of 10 and it takes me 20-30 minutes to get through them.

I don't see how anyone can do them so fast.
If you are good at math, you are good at logic problems. Essentially the way that I solve problems is by looking at each thing as a variable and then just plugging in the Xs accordingly. You need to look at each statement and think about what it is telling you, for example if a statement says "Either John or the drinker of pinot noir enjoys asparagus," you can infer that John is not the pinot noir drinker and that if one of them is ruled out with another clue, the other one is the asparagus devourer.

Takes time to master, but I enjoy the puzzles. It is too bad that some people feel the need to cheat, though. Rather pathetic, actually, isn't the point of this to have fun? By the way, does anybody know how to close out unfinished puzzles that I want to finish but can't because I have to go do something else? I keep getting screwed on the puzzle completion time because I will sign out with an unfinished puzzle and it counts all of that time towards my average.
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