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Default Do you ever have to GUESS an answer?

I just completed a puzzle, successfully, but I had to guess at one answer. I just couldn't get the answer from the clues given. The puzzles are not numbered, but I did copy it (see below). I had to guess the very last clue, when it said someone came in later than someone else, and there was two choices of the time, both were later. That, to me, is guessing?

This Puzzle's Statistics
Success Rate: 65.9%
Average Time: 381.5 seconds
Record Time: 86 seconds (Kate163)
Your Time: 599 seconds

Hospital Bills First Names License Plates Directions
$380 Valeria OIC-222 southeast
$650 Aaron KGR-121 south
$1730 Oliver DIV-996 west
$2100 Viviana TYN-862 northeast
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