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Originally Posted by subgenius View Post
Say the "5 people" are: Red, Baseball, Volleyball, Tuna, Spagetti

I start with Red - Red is not Baseball, Volleyball, Tuna or Spagetti

Next, Baseball - Baseball is not Volleyball (skip this one because, obviously, they are in the same category), not Tuna or Spagetti

Volleyball is not Tuna or Spagetti

and finally, Tuna is not Spagetti

I find this easy, but, am I missing anything? I'm not "sub" genius for nothing.
In this context, no. However, if person A and B can both only be Tuna/Red, that means person C,D,E have to be Baseball, Volleyball, and Spaghetti. Deductive reasoning causes C,D,E to be those three because if A is red, B is tuna, and vice versa.

Personally, I copy the clue into the notes and put the persons name beside each of the things they are eligible.
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