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On the first pass, clue 5 only gave us one X: Sidamo cannot be Tuesday.

We could have gotten Erika cannot be masking tape from clue 5 as well, but that X was already obtained from clue 1.

If we had wanted to be more efficient on the first pass, we would have noted that when we checked the intersection of Erika and masking tape, clue 1 already had provided 3 Xs in the cross formed by the Erika column and the masking tape row in the tape/first name category block.

Clue 5 tells us that the only way Lukas or Zoey can be Sidamo or Tuesday is if they are masking tape.

But looking in that cross, we see that clue 1 has already made it impossible for Lukas or Zoey to be masking tape, so that means that neither Tuesday nor Sidamo can be Lukas or Zoey.

Therefore, on the second pass, clue 5 will give us 4 more Xs, or if we're efficient about it, clue 5 will give us 5 Xs on the first pass.

I threw in this refinement partially to answer your question about how to know what to focus on.

If you're not comfortable with this yet, don't fret. Just do the slow motion, brute force passes through the clues. Eventually you will have a pass that doesn't yield any more Xs, and you will know that either 1. The puzzle is almost solved, or 2. You misplaced an X or missed one, and most likely, you will have to start over or ask for help.

By the way, a bit off topic, but I usually know I have to start over when I see a pattern of rectangles in the solution grid that are still missing Xs. If I see those rectangles, and I cannot extract any more logic out of the clues, then I probably placed an X in the wrong place. Sometimes the ordering clues will provide the solution, but a lot of the time, I just was off one cell (like when first names are almost identical) when I placed an X.

And finally, a small suggestion - if we move on to a different puzzle after this one, personally, I would start another thread. This one got ridiculously long a long time ago

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