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On the second pass, at first, it looks like clue 2 will only provide 2 additonal Xs.

Mateo cannot be Monday, and duct tape cannot be Tuesday.

However, when these two Xs are placed, then duct tape can only be Wednesday or Thursday, and scotch tape can only be Thursday or Friday.

Well then, one of those two tapes has to be Thursday, right? Clue 2 says duct and scotch tape must be one day apart, so that eliminates the possibility that duct tape is Wednesday when scotch tape is Friday. One of those two tapes must be Thursday to satisfy clue 2.

That will make it impossible for the other three tapes to associate with Thursday. That is how you get 5 new Xs instead of just 2 on the second pass.

On the second pass, clue 3 will provide 6 more Xs. In my table, I only show 5, so maybe that was a typo - or more likely, maybe I just missed one.

On the first pass, clue 3 gave us Harrar cannot be Wednesday and Zoey cannot be masking tape.

In the coffee/weekday category block, look at the intersection of Harrar and Wednesday. The Harrar column and Wednesday row make a cross. Notice that an X showed up in that cross after we placed the X from clue 3 at the intersection. Clue 4 gave us Wednesday cannot be Columbian.

Clue 3 tells us that the only way Zoey and masking tape can be Columbian is if Columbian is Wednesday. This new X from clue 4 eliminated that possibility, so on pass 2, clue 3 causes us to add two new Xs: Columbian cannot be Zoey and Columbian cannot be masking tape.

Now look at the cross formed by the Zoey column and masking tape row.

There are two Xs from clue 1 in that cross (not counting the intersection), and we can use those two Xs to add 4 more Xs to the grid.

Clue 3 tells us that the only way Erika or Lukas can be Wednesday or Harrar is if they are masking tape. The two Xs from clue 2 in the masking tape row eliminates that possibility, so we can add 4 new Xs. Erika cannot be Wednesday or Harrar, and Lukas cannot be Wednesday or Harrar.

So either I screwed something up or we just got 6 more Xs.

Continuing to clue 5 on the second pass, we look at the crosses formed by Tuesday and Sidamo, and Erika and masking tape. Nothing happened in the Tuesday/Sidamo cross, but we have two Xs from clue 1 in the Erika/masking tape cross that haven't been processed yet.

Those two Xs in the Erika/masking tape cross will give us another 4 Xs.

Two of the Xs will be in the Tuesday row (Lukas and Zoey), and the other two will be in the Sidamo row (Lukas and Zoey).

You can probably see by now that the Xs from clue 1 (Zoey/masking tape cross and Erika/masking tape cross) could have be processed as we got to clues 3 and 5 on the first pass. After you do these puzzles a while, you instinctively focus on the clues that mention the same columns and rows.

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