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Default Baylee - Dana

You have Kevin = clarinet and Izabella = snow globe. You get these from the initial pass through the clues.

It turns out that clue 9 is going to help us get to the next positive. That clue has the form I mentioned earlier.

Clues 3, 8, 9, and 11 will be used to prove that Thursday = license plate. We will eliminate all novelties from Thursday so that license plate is the only one possible.

Clue 3, 8: Baylee did not arrive Wednesday, so the kitchen magnet could not have arrived on Thursday (one day after Baylee).
Clue 11: The figurine cannot be Thursday.
Clue 9, 11: Izabella can only be Tuesday or the piano (clue 9), but piano cannot be Thursday (clue 11). That means that Izabella cannot be Thursday, and since Izabella is snow globe, snow globe cannot be Thursday.
Clue 9, 11: The same logic that applies to Izabella applies to the t-shirt, so the t-shirt cannot be Thursday either.

The only possibility left is license plate = Thursday.

Now we're going to prove that only Dana can be figurine by using clues 1, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, and the intersection of two columns !!! This is why these harder puzzles are fun to solve.

Clue 9 and the initial pass on the clues: Izabella is snow globe, so she cannot be figurine.
Clues 10 and 11: Kevin and Kiley cannot be figurine.

Now here's the doozy. If you have filled in all the Xs from clues 3, 8, and 9 in the AB category block (intersection of weekdays and first names), Baylee can only be Tuesday and Thursday. In the AC category block, using clues 1 and 11, figurine can only be Wednesday and Friday.

You know what that means: Baylee cannot be figurine because the intersection of the B1 and C1 columns is null.

The only possibility left is: Dana = figurine.

That means Kiley can only be kitchen magnet.

Clue 11: Kiley cannot be figurine.
Izabella: Kiley cannot be snow globe because that belongs to Izabella.
Clue 11 and license plate: Kiley cannot be license plate because license plate is now Thursday, and Kiley cannot be Thursday (clue 11).
Clue 9, 11: Kiley cannot be t-shirt because t-shirt must be Tuesday or piano (clue 9). Tuesday cannot be Kiley (clue 11), and piano cannot be Kiley either (clue 11).

The only possibility left is Kiley = kitchen magnet.

Now Kiley can only be Friday.

Clue 11: Kiley cannot be Tuesday or Thursday
Clue 2: Kiley cannot be Wednesday
Clue 1: Kitchen magnet cannot be Monday, so Kiley cannot be Monday.

Kiley = Friday.

Now clue 8 tells us exactly where Baylee is, and the rest is a breeze.

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