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You have that juniper berry can only be Tuesday or Wednesday.

Can juniper berry really be Tuesday? Let's find out.

Look at clue 10.

From clue 10, Tuesday can either be vanilla (not juniper berry) or Tristen. So the only way juniper berry can be Tuesday is if Tristen is juniper berry.

Can Tristen be juniper berry?

We know that Angelique is pigeon orchid, and pigeon orchid is juniper berry. So that means Angelique is juniper berry. Too bad for Tristen if he wanted to be juniper berry. Angelique got there first.

So Tristen cannot be juniper berry, and therefore juniper berry cannot be Tuesday.

That eliminates all hope of getting juniper berry to associate with Tuesday.

That leaves only Wednesday for juniper berry, and now you can link up with Angelique and pigeon orchid completing that entire row.

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