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Default Angelique -Erik

With the initial clues, you can prove that Angelique = pigeon orchid and Friday = lady orchid.

Clue 5: Impies that Angelique and lady orchid have to be different people.
Clue 6: Angelique must be either pigeon orchid or lady orchid, and since she cannot be lady orchid (clue 5), she must be pigeon orchid.

So Angelique = pigeon orchid.

Clue 5: Since Angelique is now pigeon orchid, Friday = lady orchid.

After filling in all the implications of those two positives, you will now see that lady orchid = bayberry.

Clue 6, 7, 9: Since lady orchid is now Friday, and freesia and juniper berry cannot be Friday, lady orchid cannot be freesia or juniper berry.
Clue 5: Lady orchid cannot be apple spice because clue 5 implies that they are different people.
Clue 10: Lady orchid cannot be vanilla because vanilla must be either cooktown or Tuesday, and Tuesday can no longer be lady orchid (lady orchid is Friday).

So lady orchid must be bayberry.

After filling in the implications, you can prove that pigeon orchid = juniper berry.

Clue 8: pigeon orchid cannot be vanilla
Clue 4, 5, 6: pigeon orchid cannot be apple spice or freesia because pigeon orchid is Angelique, and Angelique cannot be freesia (clue 4) or apple spice (clue 5).
Since bayberry is now lady orchid, pigeon orchid cannot be bayberry.

So pigeon orchid = juniper berry.

After filling in all the implications, we will now have Wednesday = Angelique = pigeon orchid = juniper berry.

Clue 7, 9: Freesia is after juniper berry, and we now know that juniper berry is Wednesday. Therefore, freesia must be Thursday or Friday, but fressia cannot be Friday because of clue 7. So freesia must be Thursday.

This will allow you to fill in the AD category block (intersection of weekday and candle) completely, and from there, it should be relatively routine.

Use clue 7 to associate Friday with the correct first name, and use clues 3, 5 an 6 (and all the accumulated implications) to associate Monday with the correct candle.

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