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Default Solution to help please!!!!

Here goes. For the days, I used Mon,Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri.
For names: Beth, Janiya, Juliana, Kaylie, Madisyn.
Rings: platinum, silver, titanium(TT), White gold (WG), Yellow Gold(YG)
Phobias: Agora, Aracha, Coulro, Claustro, Xeno

I will use readily apparent abbreviations going forward.

STEP 1: Ok, fill in all obvious exclusions (x's) and any obvious 'this is that' stuff.

Step 2: see clue 2. Because YG already=Friday, the clue dictates that Janiya=Thur or Fri, and Coulro=Thur or Fri.

Step 3: as a result, clue 5 now means Arachna≠Tue. And clue 1 means WG≠Monday.

Step 4: now Plat≠Coulro. This means Coulro can only be WG or YG in one direction, and in the other direction we see that Coulro=YG=Fri.

Step 5: X'ing out all other Friday possibilities shows that Fri can only be Beth or Juliana.. this forces Thu=Janiya and Janiya=Silver or TT.

Step 6: Arachna=Thu=janiya since clues say Arachna is day before coulro. Elimination causes Janiya=Thu=Arachna=Silver.

Step 7: this forces Xeno=Plat, and forces Agora=WG.

Step 8: perform some obligatory exclusions.

Step 9: observe that Juliana can only be agora, Xeno, or Coulro, so place x so that Juliana≠Claustro. And as TT= Claustro, make Juliana≠TT as well

Step 10: Clue says WG is day before Arachna, so set WG=Wed.

STEP 11: More misc filling in, See that Madisyn≠Plat so Mad= TT or WG.

Step 12. Notice Mad≠Thu, so by clue for her to be exactly a day earlier than Juliana, Mad=Monday and Juliana=Tue.

The rest is straightforward. My result:


Hope I did it correctly and with enougg detail to answer your questiin.
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