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Default It's kinda silly

The times are kinda silly IMHO. Pattern recognition is beyond me - I can't fathom it, but I also can't fathom playing enough to recognize patterns. I did play enough to come to realize there aren't that many different puzzles. I always look for puzzles that have a <35% success rate (via the refresh button). The lower the better. After doing a few of these, I realized I was getting repeated puzzles. So, just to make the "record time" listing, I starting printing the puzzles after completion. Soon, I had about 30 puzzles printed that were sub 35% and that's about all I could find. I then went ahead and "set a record" on a few (<10 seconds) only to realize that records weren't being saved (nor average times, nor completion rates).

I do hope a new puzzle generator gets put in place soon. There were hints of a new system coming, but so far that's about all we have. The point is, it would be a very easy matter to simply print off each puzzle as completed and then look it up to "set a record" the next time that puzzle is offered. . .not that anyone would
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