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Default More Difficult Puzzles

Hi again everyone -

We've been busily creating new puzzles in anticipation of the August upgrade, and I wanted to run a sample "super difficult" puzzle by you in order to get some feedback. This puzzle requires advanced solving logic never before required on this site (more than one kind), and I mostly want to gauge the general reaction... Do you think it is too hard? Not hard enough? Is this type of puzzle something you want to see more of on the site?

The puzzle in question is below - I've stripped all names/categories to just the essentials (A1, B4, D3, etc.) so that it can't be recognized later, if we decide to eventually put it into the rotation as a proper puzzle. All greater/less than clues in this puzzle refer to the A values. Consider the A's to be numerical and in sequence, i.e. A2 is one greater than A1, A5 is three greater than A2, etc.

There is a PDF grid attached (4x5grid.pdf) below which you can print out and use to solve it with pencil/paper. All feedback is welcome and appreciated - cheers!


1. D5 is less than B5.
2. D3 is either B5 or A1.
3. B3 is two greater than D3.
4. Of B4 and A3, one is C1 and the other is D5.
5. C4 is two greater than C2.
6. Of D2 and B1, one is C2 and the other is C3.
7. D1 is one greater than C2.
8. A2 is C5.
9. A4 is not D4.

Download the grid PDF here: 4x5grid.pdf

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