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Default Changes coming to

Hi everyone -

It's been a while since we've made a significant upgrade to the site, but I wanted to let everyone know that we’ll be refocusing our efforts on a major upgrade to – which will include not only a site redesign (to bring it in line with our newer template) but also a radical infusion of new, never-before-seen puzzles. We’re in the middle of rebuilding our puzzle generator from the ground up to incorporate several user requests and suggestions we’ve received over the past two years. Namely:
  1. Wider variety of puzzle sizes. To-date its been only 4×4 and 4×5 puzzles, but we’ll be expanding into other sizes, such as 5×5, 4×6, and possibly even larger ones.
  2. New clue types and solving logic. Our new puzzles will be incorporating some new types of clues not used before on the site, and some will require solvers to make logical deductions never before required. So get ready for some new challenges!
  3. Wider variety of people, places and things. We’re working on vastly expanding our descriptive database so that you won’t get quite so many repeated categories and items.
  4. Wider variety of difficulty levels - Part of the puzzle generator rebuild included a much more robust difficulty rating scale. This means many more "difficult" and "very difficult" puzzles, for those looking for a bigger challenge.
  5. Revamp the hints button. We’ll admit it – the hints feature needs some work. We’ll be rebuilding it from scratch to ensure that you get the hints you need when you get stuck on a puzzle.
  6. Ability to choose your puzzle size/difficulty - this is a frequent request, and if all goes to plan we'll finally be granting it.
Look for all this to start up around July or August. Once we have a definite date for the upgrade I'll post it here so that there are no surprises.

Thanks for playing!

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