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Default False incomplete puzzles

Is anyone else running into having incomplete puzzles charged to them when you complete every puzzle you start. I always have 2 different tabs with my scores on them. One I leave alone throughout the day as a basis for comparison to the running updated scores on the other tab. I actually started the day with 100% completion and in about 3 hours noticed that I supposedly had not completed a puzzle. I immediately went to the recent games page to find this puzzle only to find all are recorded as finished going back the complete 24 hours. This is an obvious contradiction and proves that it was a glitch. This has happened months previously, though for a different reason. Then, I could actually do the keystroke sequence that caused it. This is a different glitch as I stopped doing anything near that keystroke combination after I figured it out. I have played so many games that I'm bound to see most of the glitches. However, I, like others, take pride in the fact I can finish any puzzle I start even if it takes a while. It also isn't fair to anyone this happens to for the monthly competition. We all need to alert Administration when this happens to us in order to draw attention to fixing these glitch so as to improve the site for everyone.
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