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Originally Posted by pcuser View Post
I've been there and it's an error that will become far rarer as you keep playing. I also find that it helps if you read the clues aloud. You tend to catch those tricky clues better.

Good luck,
That's the thing, my biggest screwup's or high times don't come from tricky clues, just stupid misreading. Most of my screw-ups come from trying to rush, which is easy just click clear and redo and then it's usually correct. When I mis-read something, for some reason, I misread it again and again the same way. Like now, just had a 1200+ one from a 'before / after' mistake on the very last clue. It was my fifth time thru it coming up with the same thing over and over that I finally caught it. I wish I could attribute it to rushing, but my second time thru I always go slower to try to cut my losses.
One thing I have noticed, after I get one of those, I tend to screw up again and again and again following. This time, I'm taking a break instead of trying to recover my average score and time right away. You and Laura are on like a whole different level and your comments are definately appreciated. Heck, Deb is still better and I'm glad your not taking your time to 222 right away. I'll honestly be happy with a 20th in time as long as I keep my score around 360. I like the 5x5s more for some reason.
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